Infiltration at the joint

Much of the work on the underground systems in the Midwest is focused on maintenance and restoration of existing facilities. A particular concern is the gradual degradation of buried sewer pipe systems. When in an urban setting, digging these systems up in order to repair or replace them can be extremely expensive and disruptive to the surrounding communities. SWS has a qualified team of experts in trenchless technology (the method of repairing buried facilities without digging a trench).

We are a certified installer for the Infrastructure Repair System cured-in-place point liner.  Using this technology you can reduce the amount of time and money these repairs can render.

Our point repair process is an effective method for rehabilitating pipelines without excavating the surrounding area. A typical example of using this method of repair would be under a building or in areas where underground utilities are located.

Using a cured-in-place sectional lining incorporates a resin-impregnated liner made of high-performance strength resin material that bonds to both wet and dry surfaces.  It meets all ASTM requirements and standards and resists cracking and corrosion.  It can be installed in various lengths and diameters and takes just a fraction of the time when compared to an excavated repair.

We also take care of those who need tap or lateral reinstatement.  Whether SWS installs the lining or someone else does, we will reinstate the connecting taps and laterals that may have been bonded over.

SWS’s trenchless technologies can save our customers up to 50% of the cost of traditional repairs and ensure the future of their aging pipelines.

Trenchless Rehabilitation Services

This shows the same section of pipe after the  resin-based liner is inserted.

Here is a pipe before a liner is installed.  The wall surface shows signs of deterioration.