Minimize obstructions by root cutting and removing deposits and protruding laterals from the pipe’s interior wall.

Save time and money by repairing portions of an existing pipe using our trenchless point repair service and tap/lateral reinstatement.

Flush/vac truck and sewer cleaningOff-road capabilities

Maintain efficient pipe flow by having sewers systems cleaned on a scheduled maintenance program.

Gain access to remote sewer system locations by utilizing our specialized off-road cleaning equipment.

Pipe inspectionsManhole Inspections

Assess your sewer system condition with a television inspection to make knowledgeable decisions regarding maintenance and cost analysis.

Obtain an accurate representation of the sewer’s collection system by having manholes inspected thoroughly.

SWS Environmental Service, Inc. has been providing a variety of sewer-related services for over thirty years. We specialize in the field of sewer and process piping maintenance, inspection and rehabilitation. Our services include sewer cleaning utilizing flushing capabilities, television inspections of pipe and manholes, root and deposit cutting, dye testing, infiltration/inflow analysis, and sewer system evaluation surveys.

Rehabilitation servicesRoot removal and other services

Click here to view some the other related services SWS offers.  These include line locating, air pressure testing and dye testing.