Manhole in woods

Not all manholes are accessible by traditional sewer cleaning and inspection equipment. Many gravity sewer systems are located in ravines, creek beds, farm fields and dense woods. SWS has designed and modified farm tractors and all-terrain vehicles for off-road cleaning and televising applications. We can access most any system regardless of its location with our off-road equipment.

Off-Road Capabilities

 Reach remote manholes inaccessible to trucks

 Traverse hillsides and uneven terrain

 Maneuver through heavy brush and woods

 Access manholes located in shallow waterways such as creek beds and streams


Off-road flusherTractor with CCTV setup

Specially designed tractors have CCTV capabilities on board

Specially-designed tractors for off-road

Our portable flusher extends the hose reel on the flush/vac truck and allows us to reach manholes that are located in narrow alleys and backyards.


Modified tractors become off-road flushers as shown above and below