360 degree camera

CCTV Pipe Inspection

Mainline Inspections

Closed-circuit television is a useful and cost-effective method for analyzing your sewer’s condition. Our mainline cameras are transported through the pipe on a remote-controlled tractor carriage.  These color cameras feature a 360 degree rotating head and zoom capability. This type of camera allows us to view lateral connections as well as verify joint integrity.  The pipe is displayed on the monitor as the camera tractors through the pipe and allows us to see and record the exact location and type of any visible defect.

Lateral Launch System

The ability to inspect lateral connections within a mainline has proven to save time and money for our customers.  Reducing the multiple setups required to transfer from one pipe size to the next, our cameras our equipped with smaller cameras that piggyback the larger mainline camera and “launch” into sidelines of 4” to 8” diameter.  These lateral cameras can inspect up to 80 feet from the mainline.  This eliminates the inconvenience of having to access the line from a private residence or business.

Inspection Reporting

We provide clear and concise, computer-generated reports of the pipe’s condition along with a DVD recording for your permanent records.  Our detailed reports flag maintenance issues and structural defects allowing you to plan for and to make informed maintenance decisions.  Our operators have completed the pipeline assessment and certification program to be fully PACP certified.

Our pan and tilt cameras catch deformities within the pipe and record them at the exact location.

Broken pipe

· Reveals the condition of the pipeline to assure  correct maintenance decisions

· Locates laterals, cracks, cave-ins, grease build-ups, calcium deposits, root intrusion, solids deposition, broken pipe, and more

· Inspects lateral connections from within the mainline

· Provides information for infiltration and inflow analysis

· Verifies the results of a rehabilitation operation

· Identifies potential trouble spots before they become costly

· Produces a permanent record for future reference


Video linkCCTV cameraInside the TV rig

Our TV trucks are equipped with specialized cameras, video recording equipment, monitors and computers that allow us to digitally record our inspections, create reports and produce DVDs while on site.

A small camera is “launched” into a lateral connection directly from the mainline setup.