Flush/vac truck

Sewer Cleaning

SWS utilizes a fleet of combination flush/vac units for sewer pipe cleaning.  These units are capable of attaining jetting pressures of up to 2500 psi with 65 - 90 gpm water pumps.  Our combination trucks efficiently flush and vacuum debris simultaneously.  As a result, effective cleaning can be accomplished in a productive manner. 

Accumulated debris in a pipe reduces the intended flow capacity.  Blockages in sewer systems can result in an overflow onto streets, yards, creeks or into your basement.  Our jetting process uses a high pressure water nozzle to effectively break through pipeline blockages. Then, we flush the debris; sand, grease and other material, to the manhole where it is removed by our heavy duty vacuum system. 

SWS Environmental Service is happy to set up a preventative maintenance schedule specifically suited to fit the needs of your facility or municipality.  Conduits cleaned on a regular basis are less likely to become blocked, thereby increasing flow efficiency. The removal of accumulated material, deposits and roots can prolong the life of the pipe infrastructure avoiding unexpected problems and costs.

· Reduces sewer backups

· Helps maintain efficient pipe flow

· Keeps piping at or close to its theoretical design capacity flow level

· Minimizes pipeline deterioration

· Removes blockages and deposits


Flusher truckFlush/vac truckPipe before cleaningPipe after cleaning

Pictured above is an example of a clay pipe with grease, deposits and roots before cleaning and after cleaning.

Below are two more flush/vac trucks that are part of the SWS Environmental Service’s fleet.

Text Box: Before
Text Box: After
Flush/vac truck

Our fleet includes a number of cleaning trucks, some with vacuum capabilities, using pressures up to 2500 psi.