Cutting blades

SWS offers some very important pipeline services that help you to keep your pipes clear of obstructions in order to maintain optimal flow capacity and reduce future backups. We have several cutting tools designed for use in 8- 24 diameter pipe. Our multi-purpose cutting tools are used to remove pipe obstructions such as roots, calcium deposits and intruding lateral connections.

SWS utilizes various sizes of chain cutters and blades for large and small diameter pipes.

Cutting and Removal Services

 Improves pipe efficiency

 Maximizes flow

 Prolongs the life of the pipe

 Safely removes deposit build-up at joints

 Eliminates protruding materials




Large chain cutter for large diameter pipe

Cutting and Removal Services

Chain cutter

Root cutting

Roots can invade a sewer at any exposed area or access point, such as separated joints, incoming lines, holes and fractures. When root growth is not removed, it can act as a collection site for debris, seriously inhibiting water flow.

Light rootsHeavy roots

Deposit cutting

Deposits form by the evaporation of infiltrating groundwater containing dissolved salts. Calcium and mineral deposits can accumulate within a pipe at points where infiltration occurs such as weeping or dripping joints or fractures. Like roots, if not removed, these deposits can collect debris and drastically reduce water flow. Additionally, deposits in a ductile iron pipe can lead to corrosion and deterioration of the structure material. Our carbide-tipped blades are used to carefully remove these deposits without harming the pipe walls.

Intruding material cutting

Keeping sanitary and storm pipes free of intruding material is key to maintaining the designed flow capacity level. SWS has successfully removed many materials protruding into the pipeline. Whether the material is epoxy-like joint sealant, O-rings or protruding taps, our cutting blades can remove the intrusion quickly and efficiently.

DepositsDepositsIntruding tapIntrusive sealant