SWS Environmental Service, Inc. is a family-owned and operated firm specializing in the field of sewer and piping maintenance, inspection and rehabilitation. SWS was established in 1977 by a registered professional engineer as a result of the Clean Waters Act. Since then, we have assisted many organizations with their sewer system issues and challenges. Our clients include:


 Engineering Consultants

 Environmental Consultants

 Municipalities and Governmental Organizations

 Construction Contractors

 Industrial Facilities


 Other Commercial Establishments

Flush/vac truck

Our experience has established SWS as a preeminent firm in this area. Over the years, SWS has acquired many pieces of specialized equipment to enable us to go on and off road and to perform a wide array of services. Typical services include the following:


 Video Inspection

 Flush and Vacuum Cleaning


 Cured-in-Place Point Repair/Sectional Lining

 Lateral/Tap Reinstatement

 Root Removal and Control Inhibitor

 Protruding Lateral Cutting/Removal

 Solids and Calcium Removal

 Underground pipe locating

 Smoke and Dye Testing